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Tasso in Music Project digital scores in the Humdrum format: musical settings of the poetry of Torquato Tasso (c 1470-1540)

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Tasso in Music Project Digital Scores

This repository contains digital music scores in the Humdrum data format from the Tasso in Music Project (TMP). The primary web interface for these scores is which allows online searching and browsing, conversions into other data formats, such as MIDI and graphical notation, as well as interfaces to some online analysis tools. These scores are a collection madrigals by various composers who set the poems of Torquato Tasso to music, mostly from the 1570's to the 1640's (see these histograms of publication dates).

The Trm/kern directory contains the primary format for the digital scores in the Humdrum data format. The makefile can create or download other formats of the digital scores, including MIDI and PDF files.


Each file in the database starts with a unique TMP catalog number. This consists of a three-letter genre ID (currently only Trm which means "Tasso RiMe"., followed by a four- to six-digit number to represent a specific poetic work/excerpt by Torquato Tasso, followed by a letter indicating the setting number by a particular composer. For the Trm set, the four-digit number indicates the Tasso rime (poem) according to the Solerti enumeration as found in Le rime de Torquato Tasso.

The ending letter of the catalog number indicates a particular musical setting. This letter is arbitrary, but usually enumerates the list of composers in alphabetical order (unless a new one is added at the end of the list out of order).

Title information follows the first dash in the filenames and are a courtesy for human beings. As such they can be removed from filenames, leaving only the unique catalog numbers. The title in the filename ends at two dashes. After the double dash, the composer's last name and first publication year are given in the filename.


To download this Github repository using git in a terminal, type:

git clone

In a unix terminal, you can check to see if git is installed by typing which git. If the terminal replies with a path to git, then you can proceed with the above cloning to download the repository. If not, then typically you can use a package manager to install git, such as apt-get install git or yum install git in linux. On Apple OS X computers, git can be installed directly from here or by more experienced users from a mac package manager such as Homebrew. If you have a comicbook-like view of the computer world, you can download GUI interfaces for git here. A Github/git plugin is also available for the Eclipse IDE (watch video).

There is also a ZIP file download on the github page where this readme is displayed.


After you have downloaded this repository with git, you can check periodically for updates for all composers' works using this command:

git pull

Alternatively, the makefile in the base directory can be used to run this command:

make update

Processing scores

The digital scores in this repository are designed to work with the Humdrum Toolkit (github). A makefile in the base directory of the repository contains some basic processing commands which either require Humdrum Extras (github) to manipulate the data files, or commands (starting with "web") which download data generated online by the TMP website.

Here are some of the make commands which you can run in the base directory of the downloaded repository:

No additional software needed:
make List all of the possible make commands (i.e., this list).
make update Download any updates to the online repository.
make clean Delete directories of data created by this makefile, such as kern-reduced, midi, pdf, pdf-notext.
make notitle Remove titles from files names and store in directory called kern-notitle in each composer's directory.
make web-pdf Download PDF files for graphical music scores for each piece from the TMP website.
make web-pdf-notext Download PDF files for graphical music scores for each piece from the TMP website with lyrics removed from all parts.
make web-reduced Download version of the data file which divides all note durations by a factor of four. This data is useful for doing rhythmic analysis with the standard Humdrum Toolkit.
Humdrum Extras installation required:
make reduced Decrease all note durations by a factor of four. Output data will be stored in a directory called kern-reduced within each composer's directory. Similar to make web-reduced, but much faster.
make notext Remove lyrics from all parts. Resulting data will be stored in a directory called kern-notext within each composer's directory.
make genres Download works organized by genre from kernScores.
Humdrum Toolkit installation required:
make census Run census -k on all works.

Alternate data access

TiMP website

The website is a high-level interface to these scores, but also includes lower-level access to the data, data conversions, and analytic tools using URL parameters in the web address. On the TiMP website, each score has a "work info" page generated with this format:

Where Trm0047m is the TMP catalog for the 13th musical setting of rime 47 (sorted chronologically).

VHV website

The TMP scores can also be viewed with the Verovio Humdrum Viewer by going to this URL (rime):


Tasso in Music Project digital scores in the Humdrum format: musical settings of the poetry of Torquato Tasso (c 1470-1540)







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