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Why hasn't this been officially integrated yet? There is a huge demand for this and as far as I can tell lex's module is outdated. If someone could add completely integrated functionality for sourcebans it would help large community owners who host servers outside of gmod, instead I'm going to have to go hire a coder to figure something out so we can integrate. you guys should seriously consider adding in the functionality.


@Nayruden Nayruden added the enhancement label Dec 9, 2015
@Nayruden Nayruden changed the title from Sourcebans to Sourcebans Integration Dec 12, 2015
@Nayruden Nayruden self-assigned this Jan 26, 2016

That's an assigned enhancement. That means that it is in progress, right? Then, when this will be ready?


"enhancement" is just a tag used on github issues, doesn't mean it's being worked, could just mean it's an idea to look upon. As far as I know I haven't seen any Sourcebans related commits, nor is the main development focused on this verison of ULX currently


@bigdogmat I know that enhancement is a tag, but this is ASSIGNED issue. That's key word there. Thanks for the information!

bigdogmat commented May 3, 2016 edited

From how I see it Nayruden always gets assigned to framework stuff, while SticklyMan always gets assigned to gui related stuff. Not so much as a "I'm assigning myself because I'm gonna work on it" system, more of a sorting system for saying which code base it'd happen in

Nayruden commented May 3, 2016

@bigdogmat is exactly correct. Task assignment is not an indication of anything other than who "owns" the task, it does not mean it's being worked on. I'm pretty sure you can't see it from the public/normal side of GitHub, but Stickly Man and I stuck this in the "low priority" pipeline on ZenHub.

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