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This is the main code repository for the wiki-friendly blog-capable cms that I wrote.

Check out for more details on the cms, the project in general, and easy installation instructions.

If you want your own copy of Noddity running on Github Pages (imagine it, a Github-backed wiki!) just fork the gh-pages branch of this repository.

If you're using Noddity as a wiki, bear in mind that the client caches all content, so while new visitors will see your changes as soon as you make them, it will take a while for them to show up in your browser.

If you have any questions at all, or any comments, email or hit up TehShrike on Twitter.

Noddity modules

  • Noddity - this webapp
    • noddity-linkifier - parses inter-site links and replaces them with a-href links. Injected as a dependency into noddity-butler
    • noddity-renderer - turns posts into Ractive elements. Injected as a dependency into noddity-butler
    • noddity-butler - handles the caching and rendering of posts
      • noddity-retrieval - fetches the index and posts from a Noddity content directory using http requests

Other modules not used directly by the Noddity webapp

  • seoaas - stand-alone server that generates html from posts for search engines for any number of Noddity sites
  • rssaas - stand-alone server that generates rss feeds for any number of Noddity sites
  • noddity-service-server - makes it really easy to write butler-using web services like seoaas and rssaas
  • noddity-search - given a noddity-butler, uses lunr to index all posts and keep the index up to date
  • noddity-fs-retrieval - implements the noddity-retrieval interface, but uses the file system instead of http
  • noddity-view-model - given a noddity-butler, noddity-renderer, and an html template, produce static html for any post

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It's a blog, it's a wiki, it's a fast CMS!






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