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A quick adapter library for RecyclerView, GridView, ListView, ViewPager, Spinner
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A quick adapter library for RecyclerView, GridView, ListView, ViewPager, Spinner. It abstracts the boilerplate of item view types, item layouts, viewholders, span sizes , and more, in order to simplify building complex screens with multiple view types. 1.x is deprecated and please upgrade to 2.x

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  • Support DataBinding.
  • Multiple view types without any ViewHolder
  • Simple, flexible


compile 'com.github.thepacific:adapter:{lastestVersion}'


-keep class android.databinding.DataBindingUtil {
   public static *;


Extend SimpleItem or SimpleRecylcerItem. Optionally, you may implement Item or RecylcerItem

public class YourItem extends SimpleItem {
    String name;
    String description;
    String imageUrl;

    public int getLayout() {
        return R.layout.item_cartoon;

    public void bind(ViewHolder holder) {
        //bind data
        DefaultBinding binding = holder.binding();
        binding.setText(, name);
        binding.setText(, description);

        //attach listeners or load image


    //You may override any other method


public class YourItem extends SimpleItem {
    public void bind(ViewHolder holder) {
        //Without DataBinding, just use DefaultBinding
        DefaultBinding binding = holder.binding();

        //With DataBinding, use layout generated Binding instead of DefaultBinding
        LayoutGeneratedBinding binding = holder.binding();


Set OnClickListener, OnLongClickListener, OnTouchListener, OnCheckedChangeListener and ImageLoader:

RecyclerAdapter adapter = new RecyclerAdapter(); //RecyclerView
AbsAdapter adapter = new AbsAdapter(int viewTypeCount);//GridView, ListView, Spinner
PagerAdapter2 adapter2 =new PagerAdapter2();//ViewPager

//set listeners or ImageLoader
adapter.setOnClickListener(OnClickListener listener);
adapter.setOnTouchListener(OnTouchListener listener);
adapter.setOnLongClickListener(OnLongClickListener listener);
adapter.setOnCheckedChangeListener(OnCheckedChangeListener listener);
adapter.setImageLoader(ImageLoader imageLoader);

adapter.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
    public void onClick(View v) {
        //get ViewHolder
        ViewHolder holder = AdapterUtil.getHolder(v);

        //find view in ItemView
        TextView textName = AdapterUtil.findView(holder.itemView,;

        //get Item
        Item item = holder.getItem();

        //get adapter data size
        int size = holder.getSize();


        //for ListView,GridView, ViewPager, Spinner and RecyclerView
        int position = holder.getCurrentPosition();
        //only for RecyclerView
        int position = holder.getAdapterPosition();

adapter.setImageLoader((imageView, holder) -> {
    YourItem item = holder.getItem();


adapter.setOnDataSetChanged(OnDataSetChanged onDataSetChanged);

//data set changed callback , it's useful to show or hide empty view
public interface OnDataSetChanged {
    //called when data size is 0
    void onEmptyData();

    //called when data size larger than 0
    void onHasData();


The MIT License

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