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Repository for a C++11 implementation of std::out_ptr (p1132), targeting Boost 1.71 as boost.out_ptr!
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boost.out_ptr is a simple parameter wrapper for output pointers.

Linux & Max OSX Build Status Build status

Quick Comparison and Example

// Before
std::unique_ptr<Obj, ObjDeleter> ptr;

if (T* tmp_ptr; !c_api_get_obj(&tmp_ptr, ...)) {
  throw std::runtime_error(...);
else {

// After
using bop = boost::out_ptr;
std::unique_ptr<Obj, ObjDeleter> ptr;

if (!c_api_get_obj(bop::inout_ptr(ptr), ...)) {
  throw std::runtime_error(...);


Full Examples and Documentation

There are examples and documentation contained in this repository: please, peruse them as much as you need to! Some interesting/illuminating ones:

Running Tests

Right now, can be run easily VIA CMake. To ease development, all necessary dependencies -- including other Boost dependencies -- are included as submodules. You can initialize and update all submodules by performing a successful git submodule update --init --recursive call.

From there, CMake is run. It requires that the parameters BOOST_OUT_PTR_TESTS is ON. Examples can also be run by specifying BOOST_OUT_PTR_EXAMPLES and BOOST_OUT_PTR_TESTS to be ON at the same time:

md out_ptr-build
cd out_ptr-build
cmake path/to/out_ptr/src -GNinja -DBOOST_OUT_PTR_TESTS=ON -DBOOST_OUT_PTR_EXAMPLES=ON
cmake --build .
ctest --output-on-failure

You can replace the -G argument with the generator of your choice. You may also add the -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug|Release to test certain build types. If you do, make sure to specify it on the build and test lines as well with cmake --build . --config Debug|Release and ctest --output-on-failure --build-config=Debug|Release.

Running Benchmarks

Benchmarks can be run by running CMake with the option -DBOOST_OUT_PTR_BENCHMARKS set to ON.

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