An E2E testing framework
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Kakunin - automated testing framework


You can find documentation on the official page:

Or watch a short presentation about the features on Slideshare.


TO run the framework you'll need few tools installed:

  1. node v7.0+
  2. JDK (for selenium to work)
  3. Chrome


In order to install Kakunin you have to make sure that you have installed:

node.js - v7.8.0 min

Create directory for your project

mkdir my_project

Go to project directory

cd my_project

Initialize JavaScript project

npm init

Install dependencies

npm install cross-env protractor webdriver-manager kakunin  --save

Inside package.json file; add new script in scripts section:

"kakunin": "cross-env NODE_ENV=prod kakunin"


Feel free to contribute to this project! Just fork the code, make any updated and let us know!

How to test?

Run npm run test to execute both units and functional tests.

How to build?

Run npm run build to build the project

How to update docs?

Install mkdocs tool and its requirements (python required):

pip install mkdocs mkdocs-material pygments

In order to preview documentation type mkdocs serve inside kakunin directory.

In order to build static version of documentation type mkdocs build.


If you face any problems with running tests after updating to the newer version, please take a look at the MIGRATION markdown files.

Example Scenario

  Given I am logged in as "shopOwner"
  And I visit the "mainPage" page

Scenario: View some example shop admin statistics and items list
  When I click the "shopDashboardButton" element
  Then the "shopDashboard" page is displayed
  And there are following elements in table "stats":
   | active   | scheduled | paused    | completed      | cancelled      |
   | r:number | r:number  | r:number  | r:percentValue | r:percentValue |
  And there are "at least 1" following elements for element "shopItemList":
   | name     | f:isClickable   |
   | amount   | f:isVisible     |
   | price    | r:date          |
   | vat      | r:status        |
   | discount | r:number        |

Scenario: I want to add new product to shop
  When I click the "addNewProduct" element
  Then the "addNewProduct" page is displayed
  When I fill the form "newProductForm" with:
    | name     | exampleName     |
    | amount   | 100             |
    | price    | 24,99           |
    | vat      | 23              |
    | discount | 10              |