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Thetta DAO Framework

"OpenZeppelin for DAOs"

Thetta DAO Framework is a DAO Framework that will help you to create your own DAO on top of it. Code is modular, so you can use different subsystems almost independently.

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  1. Documentation
  2. HOW TO Build and Test
  3. HOW TO Contribute


  1. master is for releases only
  2. dev is for testing
  3. dev2 is for development

The Community

Our thanks go to these people:

  1. @AnthonyAkentiev - Smart Contracts development
  2. @Kirill Guzenko - Smart Contracts development
  3. @Max - Smart Contracts development
  4. @Rostyslav - Smart Contracts development
  5. @Vladimir - Smart Contracts development
  6. @Mike - Smart Contracts development


We are doing our best to keep the code quality at the very high level. However: Thetta community and Thetta inc. can not guarantee that code has no bugs. Thetta DAO Framework CAN LEAD TO the monetary loss. Thetta has no liabilities.

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