Tiledesk server. Tiledesk is an Open Source Live Chat platform written in NodeJs, firebase and Angular.
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  • Nodejs and npm installed
  • MongoDB installed and running on localhost

Installation and running

Step to run locally:

  • Clone this repo

  • Install dependencies with 'npm install'

  • Run the app with the command 'npm start' or with 'nodemon' if you want monitoring and auto reload.

      Install nodemon with 'npm install -g nodemon'

Commit to GitHub with tags:

Run the command : 'git push origin --tags'

Deploy on Heroku

To see the log run : 'heroku logs -n 2000 --tail -a chat21-api-nodejs'

To use a custom domain with AWS Route 53 see https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/route-53

Docker compose


Docker commands:

  • docker ps
  • docker-compose up


See the Tiledesk REST API here