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Concord is a feature complete ECS. It's main focus is on speed and usage. You should be able to quickly write code that performs well.

Documentation for Concord can be found in the Wiki tab.

Auto generated docs for Concord can be found in the Github page. These are still work in progress and might be incomplete though.


Download the repository and drop it in your project, then simply require it as:

local Concord = require(PathToConcord).init()

You will only need to call .init once when you first require it.


Below is a list of modules. More information about what each done can be found in the Wiki

local Concord = require("concord")
local Entity = require("concord.entity")
local Component = require("concord.component")
local System = require("concord.system")
local Instance = require("concord.instance")


Positive07: Constant support and a good rubberduck
Brbl: Early testing and issue reporting
Josh: Squashed a few bugs and docs
Erasio: Took inspiration from HooECS. Also introduced me to ECS.


MIT Licensed - Copyright Justin van der Leij (Tjakka5)