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Puppy Play Date

Puppy Play Date is a community-based network connecting dogs to a healthy environment of other dogs.


You can see each screenshot in more detail in the screenshots/ directory.

Team Members:


  • React Native
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL

User Stories

  • A group is a collection of dogs, a set regular time and location.

  • As a user I can

    • Create an account (sign-up, login)

    • Create a profile for user

    • Create a profile for my dogs

      • photo, name, breed, age, temperament, location
    • Look for groups in my area, or in my dog's area, or anywhere on the map

      • Click on the group pin to access group info
        • Choose to join the groups / contact the group creator
      • I can define how far away I want to look
    • Chat with my groups

      • Communicate with my group about status, special events, to build community, provide real-time flexibility for group
    • Create a group with a ... (location, set time)

    • Can make my group private or public

    • Select types of dogs your group is looking for (put tags on groups)

    • Accept new dogs into your group

    • Edit your group details

  • A dog joins a group

  • A user who has created a group can edit the group.

  • A user who has created a group can leave the group, and an email gets sent to all other members of the group saying someone needs to become new creator otherwise group will be deleted within 14 days.

Database Schema

Database Schema

Installation (MAC OS X)

Front-End Environment

The front-end is an iOS application built using React Native.

You will need Brew, NodeJS and Xcode.

Then, install the React Native command line tools:

npm install -g react-native-cli

Install Watchman and Flow:

brew install watchman

brew install flow

To run the application, navigate to its directory and run the command:

react-native run-ios

Front-End Installation Notes

You might need to also to take care of Node dependencies using

npm install

In case you get an error where the development server is not running, type:

npm start

If you have trouble with the version of Node, you can install a newer version using:

npm install -g n
n v4.1.2

# Verify the Node version
node -v

Back-End Server

The backend is a Rails API application that serves JSON. It is located in the puppy_play_date/ directory.

After changing into the puppy_play_date/ directory, run bundle to install all dependencies:

bundle install

Then, create, migrate, and seed the database:

bin/rake db:create db:migrate db:seed

(if you already have the database, but want to start from scratch, use bin/rake db:drop before executing the command above)

Run the server using:

bin/rails server

The backend API will be available at http://localhost:3000/

The API endpoints are:

/users/:id	(includes the user's dogs)
/playdates/:id  (includes the playdate's users)

Run bin/rake routes for more details about the endpoints.