To reduce time of doing wordvoyage lessons
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Unit Study List - Word Voyage.html
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Word Voyage Helper

Word Voyage is a website that provides lessons for us to study new vocabulary words. Each lesson normally contains 6 sections: Spelling, Pronunciation, Word Root, Games, Sentence Writing and Quiz, in which Sentence Writing costs a lot of time.

Sentence Writing section lets me write 2 sentences. One from audio and the other by my own. After doing several lessons. I discovered that the sentences are already displayed in Unit Word Study List. So, this program written in Python 3 helps you fetch sentence from a saved Unit Study List - Word Voyage.html.


To support finding roots, you need to save the finished cousin practice page in order to get root meaning.


Run Then enter the word the lesson requires. This is the possible output of the program

Enter the word for sample sentence (empty for exit): mortal
Definition: 1.) Subject to death; destined to die. 2.) Pertaining to man, who is subject to death, or belonging to this world. 3.) Destructive to life; fatal; deadly; dire; relentless. 4.) Pertaining to death.
Base means: death; to decay, fail
(The sentence is copied to clipboard)


You must have the python package pyperclip for copying sentences, or the program won't work

You may obtain it by command

$ pip install pyperclip

Few words for regex

I really appreciate regex because it helps me a lot on searching sentences and vocabulary words in an HTML Document. It really simplifies my program.