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lockywolf commented Mar 14, 2021

General information

  • App version: 2.6.0 (122) , F-Droid
  • System: OnePlus 5t, Android 9


At the moment, Markor allows to take a photo using the system camera app, place it into the directory of the note file, and insert the relevant markdown into the file.

I would like to ask that videos (obtained form exactly the same source) be attachable exactly the sa


| SCHOOL_42_UPDATE 2020 | This repository contains ALL PROJECTS, TASKS AND SUBJECTS OF THE MAIN PROGRAM OF LEARNING AT SCHOOL 42 ( Program | Course | Programing | Coding | School 42 | Ecole 42 | School 21 | Школа 42 | Школа 21 ). Этот репозиторий содержит все проекты и задания основной программы обучения Школы 42 и Школы 21

  • Updated May 8, 2021
  • C

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