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learn to code by building projects

projects available

Latest: Neural Network




Data Science


for the future

  • Machine Learning

    • Linear Regression w/ Best Fit Line
    • Classification & Object Detection
    • Recognition algorithm
  • Crypto Prediction Algorithm

  • Crypto bot

  • Blockchain Implementation

  • HN Clone

  • Twitter Clone

  • suggest more ideas using this issue

Contribute by adding your projects & tutorials!

Enlight is open-source, which means we love contributors! Have a project on the web, a cool app you're making, or really anything useful? Share your knowledge! It doesn't have to be a specific programming language, just send us whatever you want to share!

If it's useful, it'll be posted on the site with of course, credit to you!

Pull request

  • Fork this repository
  • Put the tutorial text in a .md file in the _posts directory and the source code in a folder in the demo directory, We used jekyll to build the site, So for test and debugging you should install jekyll and serve it with jekyll serve command.
  • Submit a pull request


If you don't want to go through GitHub, you can email me your project+tutorial at techboss302@gmail.com

thank you!

What is Enlight and why should I use it?

Enlight is a collection of articles and tutorials to enhance the process of learning to code. With topics spanning over many languages and technologies, Enlight is the home for everything development related. A couple years ago, I started to learn web development. At first, I ended up taking many courses and reading books learning. However, I learned so many terms, objects, statements, etc. that I couldn’t really implement them. Then, I started to make mini-projects by following tutorials online and scraping through code on GitHub. I believe that the best way to learn is to create. Make something cool. Then, with your newfound knowledge, make it even better. Trust me, you’ll amaze yourself.