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FileZ is an application developped by the Avignon University and free software developers. It provides a way to upload and manage files you want to share through a web interface and unique URLs (http), inspired by the perl/mod_perl application filex.

File list Upload Form Install Form


  • PHP/Mysql – Limonade PHP Framework
  • Several authentication scheme : CAS+LDAP, LDAP only, BDD, or your own PHP classes
  • short URL (ex:
  • Upload progress bar (with non obstructive javascript)
  • Install form
  • I18N
  • Password protected files
  • Email notifications
  • CRON task
  • Quota

More informations at


  • Apache configured with “mod_rewrite” and the “AllowOverride” of your virtual host set to “FileInfo Options” or “All” (important !) a2enmod rewrite && apache2ctl restart

  • PHP cannot be in safe_mode.

  • To display a progress bar during the upload process you will need one of the following package installed on your system :

    • APC

      apt-get install php-apc echo "apc.rfc1867 = On" >> /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d/apc.ini apache2ctl restart

    • PECL::UploadProgress

      apt-get install php5-dev pecl install uploadprogress echo "extension =" >> /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d/uploadprogress.ini apache2ctl restart

  • You will need php5-curl to be able to authenticate against a CAS server

  • You will need php5-ldap to be able to identicate with a LDAP server

  • To use FileZ with its own user database, you'll have to manually create a database-table holding your users. The commands to do so are in the [[FAQ]].


  • Download FileZ sources :

    • from Git

      git clone git:// filez_web_root

    • from SVN

      svn checkout filez_web_root

    • from a package

      tar -xvvf filez-2.0.tar.gz cp filez-2.0/* filez_web_root

  • Open your web browser on your FileZ web root and follow instructions

  • Enjoy !

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