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Project Moore: a Wagtail/Django based web-application for the UTN IT infrastructure
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Project Moore

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Project Moore is a replacement for many of the UTN web applications. Built using Wagtail and the Django framework, Project Moore intends to replace obfuscated custom applications. This is why this project keeps a high regard to programming practice and documentation.

Any questions about the project can be send to the UTN system administrator.

Before contributing please read through our contribution guidelines.

Getting Started - Virtual Environment

To get started with Project Moore, follow these instructions to set up a development environment:

  1. Install Python 3, at least version 3.5 or up.
  2. Clone the repository.
  3. Run source ./ to create a virtual environment.
  4. Run pip install -r dev-requirements.txt
  5. Use cd src to enter the website directory.
  6. Run ./ migrate to initialize the database.
  7. Run ./ createsuperuser to create an admin user.

During development, you can run a test web server using ./ runserver.

Getting Started - Docker

If you can use Docker, there is an alternative way to get your development environment all set up:

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Run docker -t moore . to create the moore image.
  3. Run docker run -d -p 8000:8000 -v $(pwd):/var/www/moore/ --name moore moore to start a new docker container.
  4. Run docker exec -it moore python src/ migrate to initialize the database
  5. Run docker exec -it moore python src/ createsuperuser to create an admin user.

The Moore application is now available on http://localhost:8000 and can be started and stopped using docker start moore and docker stop moore.


Documentation for Project Moore is split up into two parts. All documentation regarding Project Moore's code base is located within the code. Like the rest of the UTN infrastructure, a global overview of the application is documented on


All code in this repository is tested in two ways: we use Django test suites and we run the flake8 style enforcer. Together they can promote clean and good code.

These tests are run automatically using Travis CI. If, however, you want to run these tests locally you can run the following commands in the project root directory:

  • ./src/ test src - to test with our Django test suites
  • flake8 src - to run the flake8 style enforcer


Project Moore intends to be multilingual. The web application is available in both Swedish and English. Whenever any translatable text is added or changed it should be translated using translation files.

Within Project Moore we use American English.

To create translations for an app:

  1. cd src/<appname>
  2. ../ makemessages -l sv
  3. This will create or update the files under src/<appname>/locale/.
  4. Use poedit (or your favourite tool -- please do not use a plain text editor since those cannot handle all the subtleties) to fix the translations.
  5. ../ compilemessages


AGPL-v2.0, unless a different, usually external, license is provided within a folder or file.

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