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Unity Multiplayer Networking Docs

Welcome to the Unity Multiplayer Networking Documentation. This site includes the Netcode for GameObjects, Unity Transport, Boss Room Sample Co-op, Bitesize samples, and other tools and features.

The documentation site is built using Docusaurus 2 using Yarn and Node.js.

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Contributing Content

Always cut branches from main branch.

See the Contribution Guide to learn about writing and submitting content, our GitHub labels, and more. A template file (/docs/ is included in the repo to understand markdown formatting and options.


You can install and build docs on Mac and Windows environments. The doc site is built on Docusaurus, which requires NodeJS and Yarn installed for your OS.

  1. Install NodeJS.
  2. Install Yarn.
  3. Install Docusaurus to a temp location: yarn global add docusaurus-init. You can delete the temp project.
  4. Install all packages: yarn install

Building on Local

For full building content, see Building Locally:

  1. Run the build command to generate a site. This command generates static content into the build directory.

    yarn build
  2. Start a local development server and open up a browser window with the following command. Most changes are hot-loaded, displaying without requiring a rebuild and restart.

    yarn start

Connect with Unity

Connect with the Unity Multiplayer Solution Architect team and community on the Unity Multiplayer Networking and for documentation team using channel #documentation. You can also raise threads on the Unity Multiplayer Forum

Tools Used

Our site uses Docusaurus with Yarn commands. Always use Yarn commands, to update, build, and serve the server locally. Our search uses Algolia for Open Source.


Open Source documentation for Unity Multiplayer, which includes Netcode for GameObjects, the Unity Transport Package, Multiplayer Tools and Educational references and Sample Games such as Boss Room.



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