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Note: This content is not actively maintained. If you'd like us to maintain these guides, let us know by opening an issue.

Welcome to the Multiplayer Technology Contributor Guide!

This repository provides documentation source code, including guides, glossary, tutorials, code samples, and more. Content is Open Source, allowing you to contribute documentation, FAQs, and tutorials with Unity writers and developers. The contribution wiki will expand as we grow!

Contacting Unity Docs

Join the Netcode for GameObjects Discord and post in the Documentation channel. We can answer questions, review content, and help with requests for documentation (RFD).

Have feedback on a page? Enter an issue through GitHub or from webpages (located at the bottom of each page).

Contributing to Docs

See the following to learn more!

  • Always cut from the MASTER branch. The Unity Doc team uses other branches and servers for testing and previewing your work.
  • Contributing Content to learn how to clone the repo, create branches, or enter updates through GitHub.
  • Working with Markdown to learn more about creating files, using Markdown formats, adding images, adding navigation, and more.

GitHub Labels for PRs and issues

Full list of labels.

Label Description
enhancement Site additions, plugins, development that aids in site generation, templates, and more
new content New topic markdown files for content, requires navigation additions
update Updates to existing content and files, typically does not require navigation updates
documentation New content, updates, any issues that affect documentation
type:feedback Feedback typically entered from the website "Log an issue" link from pages
type:feature Site additions, plugins, development that aids in site generation, templates, and more
type:bug Issues with content, the site, links, typos, etc
duplicate Closed issue due to duplicate issues/tickets, make sure to link to the original
question Some issues are simply questions on how things work or more information, if a question add this label
help wanted, good first issue Great issues for Community to claim and work on

Status labels:

Label Description
stat:awaiting response Waiting for response from the author of a PR
stat:awaiting triage Needs triaging from the docs team
stat:backlog Work moved to the backlog for future work
stat:committed Work has been triaged, considered, and accepted for work
stat:in consideration Internal Unity review and consideration of the work
stats:invalid, stat:wontfix Close the issue as unneeded, not verified, etc

Priority labels:

We will assign priority labels to best indicate highest to lowest importance for work. This will be initially determined with triage and updated as needed.