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@vincentpierre vincentpierre released this Sep 11, 2018 · 474 commits to master since this release


We have reorganized the project repository. Please see Migrating from v0.4 to v0.5 documentation for more information. Highlighted changes to repository structure include:

  • The python folder has been renamed ml-agents. It now contains a python package called mlagents.
  • The unity-environment folder, containing the Unity project, has been renamed UnitySDK.
  • The protobuf definitions used for communication have been added to a new protobuf-definitions folder.
  • Example curricula and the trainer configuration file have been moved to a new config sub-directory.


To learn more about new and improved environments, see our Example Environments page.


The following environments have been changes to use Multi Discrete Action:

  • WallJump
  • BananaCollector

The following environment has been modified to use Action Masking:

  • GridWorld

New Features

  • [Gym] New package gym-unity which provides gym interface to wrap UnityEnvironment. More information here.

  • [Training] Can now run multiple concurent training sessions with the --num-runs=<n> command line option. (Training sessions are independent, and do not improve learning performance.)

  • [Unity] Meta-Curriculum. Supports curriculum learning in multi-brain environments.

  • [Unity] Action Masking for Discrete Control - It is now possible to mask invalid actions each step to limit the actions an agent can take.

  • [Unity] Action Branches for Discrete Control - It is now possible to define discrete action spaces which contain multiple branches, each with its own space size.


  • Can now visualize value estimates when using models trained with PPO from Unity with GetValueEstimate().
  • It is now possible to specify which camera the Monitor displays to.
  • Console summaries will now be displayed even when running inference mode from python.
  • Minimum supported Unity version is now 2017.4.

Fixes & Performance Improvements

  • Replaced some activation functions to swish.
  • Visual Observations use PNG instead of JPEG to avoid compression losses.
  • Improved python unit tests.
  • Fix to enable multiple training sessions on single GPU.
  • Curriculum lessons are now tracked correctly.

Known Issues

  • Ending training early using CTL+C does not save the model on Windows.
  • Sequentially opening and closing multiple instances of UnityEnvironment within a single process is not possible.


Thanks to everyone at Unity who contributed to v0.5.0, as well as: @sterling000, @bartlomiejwolk, @Sohojoe, @Phantomb.

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