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@nicolas-f nicolas-f released this 21 Feb 10:01

What's Changed

  • Use H2GIS version 2.2.0 with CTS 1.7.0
  • to 4.0.2 and merge master changes by @nicolas-f in #522
  • Advanced relative sound source lines offset by @nicolas-f in #528
  • Bump jackson-databind from 2.13.0 to in /noisemodelling-pathfinder by @dependabot in #519
  • Add parameter receiver-wall distance in building grid by @nicolas-f in #534
  • Input table description by @gpetit in #535
  • update & cleanup matsim experimental by @Nitnelav in #540
  • update matsim roads by @Nitnelav in #542

Full Changelog: v4.0.2...v4.0.3


Please read the get started documentation before downloading

  • : cross-platform version, with GUI (Graphic User Interface)
  • NoiseModelling_4.0.4_install.exe : windows installer, with GUI
  • : version without GUI. Useful to run NoiseModelling using command lines