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PEM Editor 7

PEM Editor: Replacement for the native dialogs to add, edit and maintain properties, events, and methods.

IDE Tools: A vastly expanded collection of IDE Tools (made accessible by Thor, another VFPx project) that form the backbone for the Thor Repository and the Thor Framework.

Requires VFP8 or VFP9
Version 7.41.18 Released 2024-04-13


PEM Editor introduces a wide range of new IDE Tools and includes enhancements to those IDE Tools in release 6.10. The concepts for these tools have originated in Visual Studio and other environments, or are due to the originality of a few contributors to the cause.

Each of the tools is documented separately; click here for complete online documentation of IDE Tools.

These tools are accessible thru Thor and do not require the existence of the PEM Editor form.


PEM Editor 7 with IDE Tools is automatically downloaded and installed by using Thor Check for Updates.

The download can also be downloaded manually from this repository.

To install,

Clear All
Do PEMEditor.APP

This will not only install PEM Editor, but will also register it so that all of the new IDE Tools are available in Thor.

Documentation and videos

Objects published by PEM Editor

PEM Editor also publishes two objects that can be accessed by using Thor, to assist in building tools.

EditorWindow Object -- wrappers for the functions from FoxTools.fll to access and modify the currently open editing window.

Tools Object -- A collection of miscellaneous tools

Helping with this project

See How to contribute to PEM Editor for details on how to help with this project.

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Replacement for the native dialogs to add, edit and maintain properties, events, and methods






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