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rpigxl - RetroPie gamelist.xml Art Injector
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rpigxl - RetroPie gamelist.xml Art Injector


./ -type video -core snes -art /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/downloaded_media/snes/videos/

  • assumes you have generated an empty gamelist.xml use -gen to do this *

-core specify single core, all lowercase ie: nes, snes, psx, arcade -gen Generate empty gamelist.xml using SkyScraper, Requires -core be set -art full path to directory with art, do not use . -type XML Tag to replace, Supported values: image, video -v verbosity level, 1 displays found matches use -vv for more



Added missing to generated xml


Added second verbosity level minor code cleanup Added missing Skyscraper -s import before generation Error Handling: Now quits when not enough arguments supplied


Now copies generated gamelist.xml to the emulationstation folder when finished, prompting user to overwrite. Added -gen option to generate empty gamelist.xml using Skyscraper


Now supports various command line arguments. No longer removes gamelist.xml recurisvely Now supports both and tags Core specified in command line now. Added information about intended gamelist.xml preparation Added GitHub link

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