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These are a few cogs I made for myself that may be useful to others. Mostly utility-based. These are for Red V3, an open source self-hosted Discord bot. If this is your first time with Red, take a look at the docs.

Support: Red - Cog Support in #support_vex-cogs

Getting my cogs

[p] is your prefix.

Add the repo: [p]repo add vex-cogs

Then you can install cogs: [p]cog install vex-cogs cogname

There's a list of cogs below, or you can use [p]cog list vex-cogs if you've added the repo.

Cog name Description
aliases Get all the information you could ever need about a command's aliases.
anotherpingcog Another ping cog... But this one has fancy colours in a customisable embed!
beautify Beautify and minify JSON.
betteruptime See your bot's uptime percentages and check when downtime happened.
birthday Birthday cog with customisable messages and roles.
buttonpoll Create polls with buttons!
calc A simple button-based calculator.
caseinsensitive Make all prefixes and commands case insensitive.
cmdlog Track command usage, searchable by user, server or command name.
covidgraph Get graphs of COVID-19 data.
fivemstatus View the live status of a FiveM server, in a updating Discord message.
ghissues Create, comment, labelify and close GitHub issues, with some PR support.
googletrends Find out what the world is searching, right from Discord.
madtranslate Translate text through lots of languages. Get some funny results!
roleplay Create an anonymous role play in your server.
stattrack Track metrics about your bot and view them in Discord.
status Recieve automatic status updates from various services, including Discord.
system Get system metrics of the host device, such as RAM or CPU.
timechannel Get the time in different timezones in voice channels.
uptimeresponder Cog for responding to uptime monitoring service pings.
wol Use Wake on LAN from Discord! This cog sends magic packets on the local network.

All these cogs have docs! My docs are here or click on the cog name to go directly to that cog's docs page.


My cogs are licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0. Please see the LICENSE file.

Contact & Support

I can be found in the main Red server or if you want support for a cog the Cog Support server in #support_vex-cogs is the best place. I'm @vexingvexed.


PRs are welcome! This repo is formatted with Black, line length 99. There are also some other checks on PRs - see the file.


The Red server for being such a welcoming community.

MAX for taking a leap of faith in my first public cog, status, and eagerly updating to find it broken a few times aha

And finally, most importantly, the Cog Creators who made the wonderful Red framework.