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Load-testing framework for writing load/stress test scenarios in c#
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Vytautas Klumbys
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Generic performance testing library for executing load-tests written in .NET c#

  • Originally aimed for developers (and up to corner case scenarios) for maximum flexibility.
  • But easy enough to use it as writing integration tests - just for more threads. :)
  • NuGet: Install-Package Viki.LoadRunner -pre

Quick Intro

Current documentation is only in form of code examples.

  • It's far from completed, but IMO its should be good enough to see whether this tool can be useful.

Start with this small setup to get a feel on how it's configured.

  • One needs to define 3 things to make fully working test (See QuickStartDemo.cs):
    • [1] Write Scenario implementation, defining code it-self which will get executed concurrently multiple times.
    • [2][Optional] Configure how results get aggregated/presented.
    • [3] Configure strategy on how test gets executed (e.g. How much threads, how long it should run. etc...)

HistogramAggregator is a default tool to aggregate results with defined dimensions/metrics

Rest of the demo project:

Until demo project is completed, one can also checkout my messy setups i use for debugging:

Future TODOs

Have any questions/suggestions/etc, feel free to contact me.


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