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What are the most popular and trending libraries for Cycle.js? (curated by robots and people)
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What are the most popular libraries for Cycle.js?

Name Description Stars
cyclejs-community/redux-cycles Bring functional reactive programming to Redux using Cycle.js 735
pH200/cycle-react Rx functional interface to Facebook's React 369
staltz/cycle-onionify MIGRATED! This was transfered to 290
cyclejs/todomvc-cycle TodoMVC example implemented in Cycle.js 234
cyclejs-community/create-cycle-app Create Cycle.js apps with no build configuration. 231
sindresorhus/cycled Cycle through the items of an array 229
cyclejs/cycle-time-travel A time traveling debugger for Cycle.js 215
alkhe/cyc Scaffold an isomorphic Cycle.js app in seconds. 201
ivan-kleshnin/cyclejs-examples CycleJS examples 131
Widdershin/cycle-restart Swap out the code in your Cycle.js apps on the fly! 123
latviancoder/my-cycling-routes Cycling routes app built with React (hooks), styled-components, Leaflet and d3. 122
developit/preact-cycle ♻️ Minimal functional Virtual DOM rendering using Preact 🚲 119
brannondorsey/distributed-password-cracking Borrow CPU cycles from visitor's web browsers to crack MD5 password hashes 😲 114
cyclejs-community/cyclic-router Router Driver built for Cycle.js 107
Cmdv/cycle-webpack-boilerplate cycle webpack babel boilerplate 99
davidmarkclements/react-functional Add life cycle methods to stateless functional components, without the class noise 95
milankinen/stanga [NOT MAINTAINED] The essential Cycling gear every Cyclist needs 84
bahmutov/node-rx-cycle Example using RxJS and Cycle.js on the server to handle requests (NOT server-side rendering) 76
cyclejs/collection An easier way to do collections in Cycle.js 56
raquelxmoss/cycle-color-picker A color picker component for Cycle.js 55
andreloureiro/cyclejs-starter Cycle.js starter template with ES6 and live reload. 52
ember-app-scheduler/ember-app-scheduler An Ember addon to schedule work at different phases of app life cycle 49
sdebaun/sparks-cyclejs null 45
alkhe/cycle-blessed Cycle.js applications for the terminal. 45
TylorS/cycle-snabbdom Alternative DOM driver utilizing the snabbdom library 42
killercup/cycle-webpack-starter Boilerplate for building ES6 web apps using Cycle.js 39
SilentCicero/throw-down life cycle hooks for pure DOM elements 35
cyclejs-community/cycle-canvas A canvas driver for Cycle.js 34
cyclejs-community/one-fits-all The one-fits-all flavor for create-cycle-app 34
raquelxmoss/cycle-keys A Cycle.js driver for keyboard events 34
axefrog/cycle-router5 A router driver for Cycle.js, wrapping the router5 library 32
Widdershin/cycle-animation-driver A Cycle driver for requestAnimationFrame 32
whitecolor/cycle-hmr 🔥 Hot module replacement for Cycle.js. 29
cyclejs-community/xstream-boilerplate DEPRECATED! use create-cycle-app instead 28
cgeorg/ A Cycle driver for Socket.IO clients 28
tmont/tarjan-graph Simple NodeJS module for detecting cycles in directed graphs 28
laszlokorte/tams-tools A set of tools for teaching and learning computer science built with cycle.js 27
Widdershin/cycle-hot-reloading-example A Cycle.js starter project with hot reloading using browserify-hmr 27
cyclejs/cycle-fetch-driver Cycle.js for the Fetch API 27
alkhe/electron-cycle-media Media player written with Cycle.js and Electron. 27
JuniperChicago/cycle-gun A cycle.js driver wrapping gun.js storage 25
milankinen/culli [NOT MAINTAINED] Cycle Utility Libraries for clean, well-structured and concise code 25
cyclejs-community/README Cycle.js Community README, code of conduct and introductions. 25
whitecolor/cycle-async-driver Factory for creating async request/response cycle.js drivers 24
Widdershin/tricycle Try Cycle.js in your browser, no setup required. 24
domagojk/cycle-grid-driver cycle.js grid driver 24
andreloureiro/pomocycle A simple Pomodoro timer built with Cycle.js and RxJS. 24
Bloomca/equalizer SoundCloud music player with equalizer 23
sahilchaddha/homebridge-magichome-platform Homebridge Plugin for MagicHome LED Strips with Preset Scene Automation Support (Cycle Color/Fade/Strobe) 23
motorcyclejs/collection Swiss army knife for cleanly managing both static and dynamic collections of child components via Cycle.js and Most.js 23
pusher-community/cyclejs-realtime-chat null 22
atomrc/cyclejs-auth0 Everything you need to start playing with Auth0 on your Cyclejs app 22
erykpiast/cyclejs-mock Utility for testing applications based on CycleJS framework. 22
eschwartz/cycle-pong Implementation of Pong video game using Cycle.js 22
drzax/the-list-cycle An experiment with how to use Twitter 22
dralletje/cycle-firebase Cycle driver for my favorite realtime database :) 21
cyclejs/cycle-notification-driver null 21
apoco/cycle-electron-driver Cycle.js drivers for electron apps 21
erykpiast/cyclejs-group Utility for CycleJS framework for reducing boilerplate when creating groups of streams 20
rayshih/fun-react Elm like js framework built on top of cycle-react. 20
phadej/graafi cycle.js expirement 20
Widdershin/rx-undoable Easily add undo and redo to your RxJS or Cycle.js apps 20
justinwoo/cycle-elm-etch-sketch Little demo using Elm from Cycle.js as a driver 19
mohamedhayibor/Rx-CycleJS-reviewNotes Review notes on RxJS and CycleJS 18
ivan-kleshnin/tetris-game Tetris game implemented in CycleJS 18
2p2r/velobs_web Application web permettant aux cyclistes de signaler les problèmes sur les aménagements cyclables. 18
brucou/cycle-state-machine-demo Non-trivial, real use case demo of a hierarchical state machine library with cyclejs 17
cyclejs-community/create-cycle-app-flavors null 17
lucamezzalira/jsday-cycle-js Reactive Live London Tube trains status 17
jamiebuilds/graph-sequencer Sort items in a graph using a topological sort while resolving cycles with priority groups 17
whitecolor/babel-plugin-cycle-circular Babel plugin allowing to have circular dependencies in cycle.js functions. 17
streamich/react-micro-lifecycles Life-cycles for React DOM elements 17
Widdershin/recycle cycle-restart built from the ground up for xstream 17
benji6/cycle-audio-graph Audio graph driver for Cycle.js based on virtual-audio-graph 16
eschwartz/rxtodo Playing around with RxJS and Cycle.js 16
wearereasonablepeople/warped-components 🌀 An opinionated way to build frontend applications 16
RaySaii/dive a web frame based rxjs, inspired by cycle-onionify and recompose. 16
collardeau/kairos-cycle Cycle.js weather aggregration app 15
kibin/cycle-example-who-to-follow Cycle implementation of twitter who to follow box 15
SkaterDad/cycle-snabbdom-examples Cycle.js Component Examples with Routing & Transitions! 14
r7kamura/cycle-fetcher-driver A Cycle.js Driver for making HTTP requests using fetcher. 14
SteveVitali/cryptocurrency-arbitrage-experiment Detect arbitrage opportunities in crypto-currency exchanges using Bellman-Ford negative-weight cycle detection 14
fiatjaf/cycle-graphql-driver A simple, Apollo-based, GraphQL driver to be used with Cycle's most-run 13
handshake-org/bcuckoo Cuckoo Cycle in pure javascript 13
ande765a/cycle-redux Unofficial bindings for Cycle.js 13
futurice/op-hackathon-templates App templates demonstrating OP's API usage with Cycle.js 13
rkrupinski/cyclejs-animated-localstorage A Cycle.js driver for animating (srsly) localStorage. 12
cyclejs-community/cycle-idb A cycle driver for IndexedDB. 12
justinwoo/housing-costs-maps demo showing random housing costs from around the world (through a variety of channels: expedia hotels, same day check-ins, airbnbs, student dormitories). uses cyclejs drivers to drive the charts 12
foxdonut/cycle-todolist Cycle.js todolist example 12
bloodyKnuckles/cycle-web-worker Cycle.js Web Worker 12
zschro/GekkoSchaffTrendCycle SchaffTrendCycle Indicator for Gekko 12
cyclejs-community/boids Boids in Cycle.js (bird flocking simulator) 12
lucasdiedrich/gnome-display-switcher DISABLED - An easy way to cycle between display modes on Gnome Shell 3.12+: 12
nib-health-funds/hammertime AWS EC2, ASG, RDS Power cycling 11

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