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The List Cycle

A little process which cycles Twitter users on and off a list based on interactions recency of interaction.

The idea is that it will use one of your Twitter lists (by default, one called cycle) to keep a list of all the people you've interacted with recently (by default, the last month).

The script considers someone you've 'interacted with' as being:

  • Anyone who you reply to, mention, retweet or subtweet.
  • Anyone who is mentioned in, or author of a tweet you favourite, retweet or subtweet.


You will need a few Twitter credentials. The easiest way to get them is to install twitter-list-manager as a global NPM module and run tw auth.

You'll also need to setup a list on Twitter for the use of the script. To make things easy, I suggest you call it cycle.


node index.js


This thing has been Dockerized for convenient periodic updates in the cloud.

docker run -d --name cycle \
	-e TWITTER_USER_ID=<userid> \
	-e TWITTER_SCREEN_NAME=<username> \
	drzax/list-cycle mantra "0 * * * * *" node index.js

The container will send errors to STDERR and messages about who has been added or removed from the list to STDOUT. I like to collect them for posterity and do that using loggly and logspout.

docker run --name logspout -d --volume=/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -e SYSLOG_STRUCTURED_DATA="<apikey>@41058 tag=\"cycle\"" gliderlabs/logspout syslog+tcp://