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a mustache templating library in Emacs Lisp

Build Status

Targeting v.1.0.2 of Mustache.

Example usage

(require 'mustache)
(require 'ht) ;; hash table library

(let ((context (ht ("name" "J. Random user"))))
  ;; evaluates to: "Hello J. Random user!"
  (mustache-render "Hello {{name}}!" context))

(Optional) Without ht

You're not forced to use ht, it's just an easier way of creating hash tables. You can use Emacs' reader syntax for hash tables instead:

(require 'mustache)

(let ((context
       #s(hash-table test equal data ("name" "J. Random user"))))
  ;; evaluates to: "Hello J. Random user!"
  (mustache-render "Hello {{name}}!" context))

Note that hash tables default to using eql as the key comparison function. You must set it to equal since mustache.el uses hash tables with string keys.

Keywords in context

You can use keywords in contexts, which allows you to skip setting the key comparison function.

(require 'mustache)

(let ((mustache-key-type 'keyword)
       #s(hash-table data (:name "J. Random user"))))
  ;; evaluates to: "Hello J. Random user!"
  (mustache-render "Hello {{name}}!" context))

Implemented mustache features

Basic variable interpolation:

 "Coded with {{language}}!"
 (ht ("language" "elisp"))) ;; "Coded with elisp!"

Blocks with booleans:

 "{{#is-sunny}}Looks nice today.{{/is-sunny}}"
 (ht ("is-sunny" t))) ;; "Looks nice today."

 "{{#is-sunny}}Looks nice today.{{/is-sunny}}"
 (ht ("is-sunny" nil))) ;; ""

Blocks with hash tables:

 (ht ("user"
      (ht ("name" "Wilfred"))))) ;; "Wilfred"

Blocks with lists:

 (ht ("some-list"
       (ht ("item" "a"))
       (ht ("item" "b"))
       (ht ("item" "c")))))) ;; "abc"

Inverted blocks:

 "{{^is-sunny}}Take an umbrella!{{/is-sunny}}"
 (ht ("is-sunny" nil))) ;; "Take an umbrella!"

 "{{^is-sunny}}Take an umbrella!{{/is-sunny}}"
 (ht ("is-sunny" t))) ;; ""

Mustache variables are escaped:

 (ht ("info" "<p>We use mustache</p>"))) ;; "&lt;p&gt;We use mustache&lt;/p&gt;"

Unless explicitly marked as safe:

 (ht ("info" "<p>We use mustache</p>"))) ;; "<p>We use mustache</p>"

 "{{& info }}"
 (ht ("info" "<p>We use mustache</p>"))) ;; "<p>We use mustache</p>"


 "hello{{! world }}"
 (ht)) ;; "hello"


;; assuming ~/projects/mustache.el/test.mustache exists
;; and contains "hello {{user}}"
(let ((mustache-partial-paths (list "~/projects/mustache.el")))
   "{{> test}}"
   (ht ("user" "wilfred")))) ;; "hello wilfred"

Changing delimeters:

 "{{=<% %>=}}<% style %>"
 (ht ("style" "ERB style!"))) ;; "ERB style!"


 "{{#wrapped}}{{language}} is great.{{/wrapped}}"
 (ht ("language" "elisp")
      (lambda (template context)
        (concat "<b>" (mustache-render template context) "</b>")))))
;; "<b>elisp is great.</b>"

Error checking on invalid sections:

 (ht)) ;; error "Mismatched brackets: You closed a section with inner, but it wasn't open"


  • Errors on unclosed tags
  • Optional error on missing variables from the context
  • Whitespace (in)sensitivity for windows newlines
  • Run full specification test suite

Developing mustache.el

mustache.el is broken up into several files, using load to import them. If you have a checked-out copy of mustache.el, you will need to do:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/projects/mustache.el/")

Running tests

Within Emacs:

M-x mustache-run-tests

Or from a command line (you need Cask installed):

$ make test


v1.0 -- Pass the full mustache v1.0.2 specification tests (excluding optional parts).

Other templating projects


  • v0.24 No changes yet.
  • v0.23 Added the variable mustache-key-type which allows contexts with keyword for keys.
  • v0.22 Fixed rendering of contexts with numeric values and {{&escaped blocks}}
  • v0.21 Fixed rendering of contexts where the hash table contained number values.
  • v0.20 improved whitespace insensitivity for {{^blocks}} and {{!comments}}
  • v0.19 Fixed a bug where comment tags containing = were treated as changing the delimeters.
  • v0.18 Improved whitespace (in)sensitivity
  • v0.17 Fixed a bug where partial templates weren't found when default-directory was set.
  • v0.16 Implemented lambdas.
  • v0.15 Fixed partials not being recursively rendered, and added error checking for mustache-partial-path not being a list
  • v0.14 Implemented changing tag delimeters e.g. {{=<% %>=}}
  • v0.13 Improved whitespace sensitivity for {{ variable }} interpolation
  • v0.12 Implemented partials {{> foo}}
  • v0.11 Fixed nested contexts allowing access to the parent context
  • v0.10 Whitespace sensitive now matches the mustache spec in more cases
  • v0.9 Fixed rendering of {{#blocks}} when the context value is a hash table.
  • v0.8 Removed dependency on with-namespace in favour of internal functions/variables being of the form mst--foo.
  • v0.7 templates with malformed sections now throw an error. For example: {{#foo}}{{/bar}} and {{#foo}}.
  • v0.6 {{#blocks}} now optionally support using vectors instead of lists
  • v0.5 added rendering of {{{blocks}}}
  • v0.4 internal functions are now named mustache--foo instead of mustache/foo due to use of the with-namespace macro
  • v0.3 internal refactoring
  • v0.2 added rendering {{#blocks}} when the context contains a list of hash tables
  • v0.1 basic implementation of a subset of mustache