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A VB.NET application for placing screenshots into frames of various mobile devices, with a vast library of phones and tablets across multiple platforms.
Visual Basic
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Development & Contribution

Getting started

  • Clone Scrotter if you haven't already.
  • Locate the project folder on your local filesystem.
  • Open the .sln (solution) file with your editor of preference - Visual Basic 2010 and 2012 should both work. .NET Framework 4 (linked above) is required.


  • Feel free to compile locally. The standard Build > Build Solution option in Visual Studio 2012 is used for official builds.
  • Builds are NOT released for the master branch - builds will only be compiled and published for each version. The master branch is extremely experimental, and only those that know how to compile should test it.


  • Fork the project and make pull requests to the vb and Designer.vb files.

Issues & Suggestions

  • If you have suggestions or issue reports, please post them in the issues section.
  • If you wish to request a new device, please see this page on doing so.
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