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.NET YubiKey SDK

This is a cross-platform, all encompassing SDK for the YubiKey aimed at large to mid-sized enterprise customers. This version is written against .NET Core, and will eventually include bindings to languages outside of the direct .NET ecosystem.


The public documentation for this project is located at Here you can find both API reference and a user's manual that describes the concepts that this SDK exposes.

Project structure

The root of this repository contains the various projects that make up the SDK. Inside each project folder, you will find:

  • docs - Supplementary documentation content for the SDK's API documentation.
  • examples - Example code demonstrating various capabilities of the SDK.
  • src - All source code that makes up the project.
  • tests - Unit and integration tests for the project.


Please read the Contributor's Guide and Getting started pages before opening a pull request on this project.


Read the Getting started page to understand the prerequisites needed to build. Once those have been installed, you should be able to load the Yubico.NET.SDK.sln file and build.

Note that it is also possible to build the DocFX output at the same time as building the libraries. However, that is not done by default.

If you want to build the DocFX output when you build the libraries using Visual Studio, open the Visual Studio solution file, and open Build:Configuration Manager.... In the resulting window, under Active solution configuration: is a drop-down menu. Select ReleaseWithDocs.