Role-based access control module to provide additional features on top of Zend\Permissions\Rbac
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ZfcRbac is an access control module for Zend Framework 2, based on the RBAC permission model.


If you are looking for older version of ZfcRbac, please refer to the 0.2.x branch. If you are using ZfcRbac 1.0, please upgrade to 2.0.


  • DoctrineModule: if you want to use some built-in role and permission providers.
  • ZendDeveloperTools: if you want to have useful stats added to the Zend Developer toolbar.


You can find an upgrade guide to quickly upgrade your application from major versions of ZfcRbac.


ZfcRbac only officially supports installation through Composer. For Composer documentation, please refer to

Install the module:

$ php composer.phar require zf-commons/zfc-rbac:~2.4

Enable the module by adding ZfcRbac key to your application.config.php file. Customize the module by copy-pasting the file to your config/autoload folder.


The official documentation is available in the /docs folder.

You can also find some Doctrine entities in the /data folder that will help you to more quickly take advantage of ZfcRbac.