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Zeta Ret

Zeta Ret specializes in software and web development, IT consulting, data analysis, digital marketing and administration.


  1. protoss Public

    Zeta Ret ProtoSS Library - Prototype Supers-Subclass ~ 1kb (Polymorphism, Prototypes, OOP)

    JavaScript 2

  2. Zeta Ret Clockwork Library - OOP, Canvas, JavaScript, Stage, Renderer, DisplayObject, Graphics, Interaction

    JavaScript 1

  3. Zeta Ret Clockwork Demo

    JavaScript 1

  4. Basic ProtoSS Node.js Server

    JavaScript 1

  5. ProtoSS package for Atom IDE

    JavaScript 1

  6. Bookmarks Bar for Atom IDE. Collect folders, project paths and files.

    JavaScript 3


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