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ernestask authored and mgrabovsky committed 7739554 Jul 1, 2020
Remove references to libreport Red Hat support integration
19728532a0884ed9a570e8f9d74c4de26e58e0b2 in libreport (and subsequent
commits) drop the ability to create new Red Hat Customer Portal cases.
aeb7980e0ed7eff6d3d5c87bbb3bd56f8209b8ed dropped the ability to send
authenticated micro-reports via Strata, so the abrt counterpart also
needs to be dropped.


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Jun 21, 2019
Jun 27, 2020
Feb 19, 2009

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A set of tools to help users detect and report application crashes.


Its main purpose is to ease the process of reporting an issue and finding a solution.

The solution in this context might be a bugzilla ticket, knowledge base article or a suggestion to update a package to a version containing a fix.


Every ABRT program and configuration file has a man page describing it. It is also possible to read the ABRT documentation online. For contributors and developers, there are also wiki pages describing some topics to deeper technical details.



ABRT consist of several services and many small utilities. While The utilities can be successfully run from the source directories after build, the services often uses the utilities to do actions and expect the utilities installed in the system directories. Hence to run the services, it is recommended to install ABRT first and run them as system services. The instructions how to build and install ABRT can be found in


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