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This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.

@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this Jul 3, 2019

AptioFixPkg is now part of AppleSupportPkg and OpenCore, please use them instead:


  • Improved compatibility with OpenCore tool section
  • Fixed CleanNvram variable removal
  • Fixed rare freezes in CleanNvram
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@vit9696 vit9696 released this May 3, 2019


  • Added support for OpenCore RequestBootVarRouting quirk
  • Serious code cleanup
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@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this Mar 21, 2019


  • Reworked GOP protocol installation to be Apple-only
  • Fixed DEBUG build
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@vandroiy2013 vandroiy2013 released this Sep 21, 2018


  • Added basic APTIO V compatibility to AptioInputFix
  • Added basic generic firmware compatibility to AptioInputFix
  • Fixed broken timer resolution in AptioInputFix
  • Disabled ALT/CMD swapping in AptioInputFix
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@savvamitrofanov savvamitrofanov released this Aug 22, 2018


  • Moved hash service and unicode collation code to AppleUiSupport, where they actually belong
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@vit9696 vit9696 released this Jul 27, 2018


  • Fixed cdboot.efi conflict
  • Added a workaround to Windows Virtualization-based Security
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@vit9696 vit9696 released this Jun 13, 2018

First binary release

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