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For the --server parameter, you can specify an ACME server directory URL, and you can also give a short friendly name for known CAs.

The supported short names are:

Short Name ACME server URL Usage Wiki
letsencrypt N/A
letsencrypt_test N/A
buypass CA
buypass_test CA
zerossl CA
sslcom, CA
google Google Public CA
googletest Google Public CA

The short name will be treated as the same as the URL:

The following usages have the same meaning: --issue ....   --server  zerossl

-or- --issue ....   --server

For now, the default CA is zerossl. If you want to use another CA, you need to specify --server for each command.

For example, if your want to use letsencrypt CA :  --register-account  --server letsencrypt  -m

--or--  --issue --server letsencrypt  -d  --dns dns_cf

There is a way to change the default CA:  --set-default-ca  --server letsencrypt

From now on, you will issue cert from letsencrypt if you don't specify any --server parameter. --issue  -d  --dns dns_cf