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AC Servers

  • This is central repository for AC emulated servers, managed by the community.
  • To add, update, or remove your server, please see the Wiki.
  • This list is open to the community and can be considered "Wild Wild West"
  • It's not the function of this list to provide "official" or "preferred" status
  • Do not use direct retail server names as it will impact Treestats. (Harvestgain_foo is ok. Harvestgain is not.)


This project is for educational and non-commercial purposes only.

  • Asheron's Call was a registered trademark of Turbine, Inc. and WB Games Inc which has since expired.
  • ACResources is not associated or affiliated in any way with Turbine, Inc. or WB Games Inc.

Server Template

Server Template Fields

  • <id> This is the unique guid of your server. You can generate one here:
  • <name> The name of your server.
  • <description> A brief statement describing your server (Optional)
  • <emu> Valid values are: ACE, GDL
  • <server_host> Your servers address, for example,
  • <server_port> Your servers port. Default is 9000
  • <type> Valid values are: PvE, PvP (Optional)
  • <status> Valid values are: Experimental, Development, Stable (Optional)
  • <website_url> (Optional)
  • <discord_url> (Optional)


Is there a step by step guide to adding my server?

Can I change my server id?

  • Once a server is submitted, it's id must not change.
  • If you decommission your server and start up a new server, even if your new server reuses the same name, you should submit a new server to the list using a new id.
  • Your servers lifetime should be represented by the Shard database that stores your world.
  • A new Shard should be considered a new server.

Can I change my server name?

  • Yes, you can change your servers name.
  • Changing your servers name can break many plugins like VTank and Mag-Tools. Your users may need to reconfigure their plugins after the name change.

Who can submit changes to my server?

  • Only the original pull request author that submitted the server should provide updates.
  • If you need to update a server and no longer have access to your original github account, please submit the PR with a comment and someone will reach out to you.

Who can add a server to the list?

  • Anyone

Who approves pull requests?

  • There are several community members that can approve pull requests.

Are servers ever removed or rejected?

  • Servers may be removed from the list after long periods of inactivity or via Pull Request by the original contributer of the server to the list
  • Other reasons for removal or rejection of a server may include:
    • Servers with the intent or functions to exploit their clients

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