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@brentru brentru released this Jul 11, 2018 · 145 commits to master since this release

2.0.0 is the latest major release of the Adafruit IO Python Client and features support for the Adafruit IO REST API v2.0.0.

We highly recommend updating your projects to this version, we will not be updating version <=1.1.1 of this library or the Adafruit IO REST API v1.0.0.


Easy Installation

If you have PIP installed (typically with apt-get install python-pip on a Debian/Ubuntu-based system) then run:

pip install adafruit-io

This will automatically install the Adafruit IO Python client code for your Python scripts to use. You might want to examine the examples folder in this GitHub repository to see examples of usage.

Manual Installation

Clone or download the contents of this repository. Then navigate to the folder in a terminal and run the following command:

python install

New Features

  • API-V2 Support: Adafruit IO Python now uses the Adafruit IO REST API v2
  • Location Support: Sending Adafruit IO Feeds locational values is now possible from this library (lat/lon/ele). Usage example for this feature,, added in examples/basics. (#48)
  • MQTT Security: The MQTT Client now establishes a secure connection with Adafruit IO by default. (#45)
    • You can unset this by defining a secure=false boolean in the client initialization: client = MQTTClient(username, key, secure=False)
  • Time Topic Subscriptions: Want to get the current time, date, or year? We added support for time/seconds, time/milliseconds and time/ISO-8601 topic subscriptions. Usage example for this feature, added in examples/basics. (#54)
  • MQTT Error Handling: We added a few verbose error checks for when the mqtt_client hits errors. (#44)
  • New Documentation: We gave it some TLC and a facelift. Documentation for this project is available on ReadTheDocs.
  • Examples: New examples added to /examples/basics, including some usage examples for Adafruit CircuitPython with the Raspberry Pi (more soon!)

Breaking Changes

  • Python 2 support has been discontinued. We are only supporting Python Version >=3.6.
  • Adafruit IO REST API v1 support has been discontinued. We are only supporting the API v2.
  • MQTT on_message method no longer requires the retain flag.


Documentation for this project is available on ReadTheDocs. Examples of library usage can be found within /examples


Having problems with this library? Post up on the Adafruit Support Forums or ask in the Discord channel (topic: #adafruit-io )

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