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@hathach hathach released this Sep 10, 2021

Add new board "LED Glasses Driver nRF52840"

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@hathach hathach released this Aug 4, 2021

Fix failed to upgrade ssue when flashing uf2 with more than 512KB payload
Increased application reserved from 28KB to 40KB for nrf52840 to match circuitpython usage.

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@hathach hathach released this Jun 19, 2021

Update tinyusb to latest to fix the race condition with control transfer, which could cause failed to connect to DFU Serial occasionally.

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@hathach hathach released this Jun 2, 2021

  • more boards support
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@hathach hathach released this Apr 4, 2021

  • Update tinyusb to latest to fix the race condition causing cdc out dropping packet. Which cause DFU failed occasionally
  • Add support for Dotstar LED (APA102)
  • Add sparkfun_nrf52840_micromod board
  • Allow skipping DFU entirely when reset or wakeup from deep sleep
  • Fix an issue with OTA when using shared bond with application
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@hathach hathach released this Feb 17, 2021

  • Add USB connect timeout for app reset to UF2 or Serial via GPREGRET
  • Fix pollution of REGOUT0 reserved bits
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@hathach hathach released this Jan 19, 2021

  • Decouple bootloader and softdevice i.e bootloader will always work with and/or without softdevice present. This allows application to pack firmware + softdevice into an uf2/serial for DFU.
  • Add self-update feature with update-{board}.uf2. This allow bootloader to update itself easily (requires running bootloader with at least 0.4.0)
  • Enlarge the fake FAT disk to ~ 32MB to allow piggy-pack multiple application (different family ID) within the same uf2.
  • Support uf2 with family ID = vendor ID + product ID
  • Reset into application if there is no USB connection in ~3 seconds.
  • Remove DFU idle 300 seconds timeout
  • Support power supply configuration with ENABLE_DCDC_0 and ENABLE_DCDC_1
  • Add new boards support: nice nano, bast ble, ikigaisense vita, nrf52840 M2, Pitaya Go, AE-BL652-BO, BlueMicro, ADM_B_NRF52840_1
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@hathach hathach released this Mar 12, 2020

  • Make sure all pins are in reset state when jumping to app mode.
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@dhalbert dhalbert released this Mar 5, 2020

Correct LED1 for Feather Sense, and change its volume ID to FTHRSNSBOOT.

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@hathach hathach released this Jan 13, 2020

  • Upgrade nrfx to v2 for supporting future nrf mcu such as nrf52833, nrf5340
  • Upgrade TinyUSB
  • New boards support
    • Arduino ble nano 33
    • Adafruit CLUE
    • Raytac MDBT50Q-RX dongle
  • Migrate CI to github Action
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