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Like Less but without inventing a new language.

GrooCSS lets you code your CSS in Groovy, using a natural Groovy DSL.

It was created by Adam L. Davis (@adamldavis) and inspired by the many other Groovy-based projects out there, like Gradle, Grails, Spock, Ratpack, and grooscript.

  • DSL similar to CSS but with camel-case and some modifications to make it valid Groovy.
  • Keyframes, media, charset, and font-face support.
  • Automatically adds -webkit, -ms, -moz, -o extensions! (configurable)
  • Color support with rgb, rgba, hex, named colors, and several color changing methods (mix, tint, shade, saturate, etc.)
  • Minimization (compress)
  • Support for transforms directly (transformX, etc),
  • Math functions (sqrt, sin, cos, toRadians, etc.) and built-in Measurement math.
  • Unit methods (unit, getUnit, convert)
  • Ability to extend style-groups and add internal groups.
  • Pseudo-classes in DSL (nthChild, etc.)
  • Multiple ways to configure: Config.builder() or using withConfig
  • Close to CSS syntax using getAt, putAt, operator-overloading, underscore, methodMissing, and propertyMissing
  • Translator to convert from existing CSS.
  • Available pretty print (using Config)
  • Ability to create and reuse groups of styles using styles{} syntax.
  • Methods for getting an image's width, height, or size.
  • Validates some values by default and can be configured with custom validators and/or processors.
  • Uses Groovy extension modules


Uses Spock for testing. Well tested.

Open Source

Apache 2 licensed. Open Source.


Check out the website for more info.

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