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The Enterprise-ready testing and specification framework.
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docs Change Snapshot Repository to use https:// URL
gradle Simplify build script
spock-core Avoid hardcoding of internal identifiers
spock-gradle Don't publish spock-gradle and spock-report for now
spock-guice added convenient way to intercept (shared) initializer method
spock-maven don't publish spock-maven for now
spock-report Don't publish spock-gradle and spock-report for now
spock-specs Use Java 1.8 compatible dependencies for builds running on Java 1.8
spock-spring move spring-boot to spock-spring/boot-test
spock-tapestry Use Java 1.8 compatible dependencies for builds running on Java 1.8
spock-unitils convenient interceptors for fixture methods
.gitignore Improve build configuration for shippable CI
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LICENSE google code import
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build.gradle Remove buildAll/testAll tasks because they don't work reliably
circle.yml Debug Shippable build
gradlew bump gradle version to 1.4-rc-1
gradlew.bat Update all the wrapper files to m7.
settings.gradle Minor syntactic change to make IntelliJ happy
shippable.yml Remove TEST_KEY

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Spock Framework

Spock is a developer testing and specification framework for Java and Groovy applications. To learn more about Spock, visit To run a sample spec in your browser, go to

Latest Versions

The latest release version is 0.7 (0.7-groovy-1.8, 0.7-groovy-2.0), released on 2012-10-08. The current development version is 1.0-SNAPSHOT (1.0-groovy-2.0-SNAPSHOT, 1.0-groovy-2.3-SNAPSHOT, 1.0-groovy-2.4-SNAPSHOT).

Releases are available from Maven Central. Development snapshots are available from Sonatype OSS.


  • spock-core -- Core framework. This is the only mandatory module.
  • spock-specs -- Specifications for spock-core, implemented using Spock. Not required for using Spock.
  • spock-maven -- Extended Maven support. Note that this module is optional; it is not required for using Spock with Maven.
  • spock-spring -- Integration with the Spring TestContext Framework.
  • spock-tapestry -- Integration with the Tapestry 5 IoC container.
  • spock-guice -- Integration with Guice 2/3.
  • spock-unitils -- Integration with Unitils.
  • spock-report -- Interactive, business-friendly HTML reports.
  • spock-grails -- The Grails plugin has become its own project hosted at


The only prerequisite is JDK 6 or higher.

After cloning the project, type ./gradlew clean build (Windows: gradlew clean build). All build dependencies, including the build tool itself, will be downloaded automatically (unless already present).


Contributions are welcome! Please see the contributing page for detailed instructions.


If you have any comments or questions, please direct them to the user forum. All feedback is appreciated!


Live Long And Prosper!

The Spock Framework Team

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