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Moon is a commercial closed-source enterprise Selenium implementation using Kubernetes to launch browsers.

Moon Animation

Pricing Model

  • The only limitation that determines final Moon price is the total number of browser pods being run in parallel.
  • You can run up to 4 (four) parallel pods for free. Everything on top of free limit is paid as a subscription.
  • Detailed pricing information is available in respective documentation section.
  • To obtain a free evaluation license key email to

Free Support


The main idea behind Moon is to be easily installable and require zero maintenance.

One-command Installation

Having a running Kubernetes cluster and kubectl pointing to it you can launch free Moon cluster with this one-liner:

$ git clone && cd moon-deploy && kubectl apply -f moon.yaml

To obtain Moon load balancer IP address use the following command:

$ kubectl get svc -n moon
NAME      TYPE           CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP      PORT(S)                         AGE
moon      LoadBalancer   4444:31894/TCP,8080:30625/TCP   1m

Now use the following Selenium URL in your code:

We also provide detailed installation video.

Automatic Browser Management


  • We maintain ready to use images for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Android.
  • New browser versions are automatically accessible right after releases.

Scalability and Fault Tolerance

  • Your cluster size is automatically determined by Kubernetes depending on the load.
  • Moon is completely stateless and allows to run an unlimited number of replicas behind load balancer.
  • No additional configuration is required to add a new Moon replica.
  • User requests are not lost even in case of an accidental crash or downtime of the replica.

Efficient and Lightning Fast

  • Completely new Selenium protocol implementation using lightning fast Golang.
  • One Moon replica consumes 0.5 CPU and 512 Mb RAM maximum.
  • One Moon replica is able to work with thousands of running sessions.
  • No Selenium Grid components used.

Logs and Video

  • You can access live browser screen and logs for debugging purposes during test run.
  • Any browser session can be saved to a video file using desired codec, frame rate and screen size.
  • Logs and video files can be automatically uploaded to S3-compatible storage.

Complete Guide

Complete reference guide can be found at:

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