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  1. Node library providing the bases to implement an OAuth2 server (as connect middleware)

    JavaScript 105 14

  2. sponges Public

    Turn any Ruby object into a daemon controlling an army of sponges.

    Ruby 83 4

  3. Node application acting as an authentication and portable contacts provider (using OAuth2)

    JavaScript 69 12

  4. ucengine Public archive

    U.C.Engine is a pubsub server with persistence. You can build realtime applications or integrate realtime features to existing applications.

    Erlang 68 10

  5. Stream webcam to rtmp server using flash widget.

    Haxe 62 39

  6. koalab Public archive

    A scrum-like board powered by nginx, nodejs, mongodb, backbone and html5

    CoffeeScript 61 19



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