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Goko Dominion Salvager

Discuss or request help at the Dominion Strategy forum.


Note: If you try a manual install and get a strange browser error, make sure you're following the instructions below. You really do need, for example, to drag the file onto the browser window to install in Chrome.

  • Chrome
    • From the Google Chrome Web Store (recommended)
    • Manual install: Right-click and Save the .crx file. Then open Chrome's Extension settings (chrome://extensions) and drag the .crx file's icon onto the extensions page.
  • Firefox manual install: Right-click and Save the .xpi file. Open the Firefox Add-ons menu and click "Install Add-ons from file."
  • Safari manual install: Right-click and Save the .safariextz file, then double-click on it to add it to Safari.

Beta versions are also available. Install to get early access to features still in development, in addition to the regular updates.

Reporting Bugs

Please follow these instructions.


New versions get released maybe every two weeks or so (ideally). Beta updates come out faster.

All versions feature automatic updating, but your browser must be configured to allow it. Specifically, Safari has extension updates disabled by default, and the Chrome store version will occasionally disable the updated version if/when the permissions have changed.

If automatic updating isn't working for you, check here for more info.

Main Features

(Full List & User Settings)


If you'd like to contribute, either fork this project and submit your changes via pull request, or ask aiannacc to make you a collaborator. This is the project's central repository.

Instructions for making changes and building the extension are available on the wiki.

Contributors from the DominionStrategy forum

  • (philosophyguy)
  • (nutki)
  • Adam Pearce (1wheel)
  • Michael Brandt (michaeljb)
  • Andrew Iannaccone (ragingduckd)
  • Zdenek Bouska (yed)
  • Allan Malloy (amalloy)
  • (serakfalcon)
  • (theblankman)
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