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Browser and JS shims used by Airbnb.
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airbnb-browser-shims Version Badge

Browser and JS language shims used by Airbnb.

Just require/import airbnb-browser-shims, and the environment will be shimmed.

import 'airbnb-browser-shims';

Included shims

Only browser shims

If you only want to bring in the browser shims and not the JS language shims (from airbnb-js-shims), you can import airbnb-browser-shims/browser-only. If you choose this route, you will want to be sure that you are properly bringing in the language shims for the browsers you support somehow. For example:

import 'airbnb-js-shims/target/es2015';
import 'airbnb-browser-shims/browser-only';
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