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A Django project for Airbrake
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When I went to implement Airbrake in I found two projects that looked like they might do the trick: django-airbrake, which was forked from the dormant django-hoptoad and Pytoad which wasn't made for Django. In the end, I decided to use bits and pieces of the two as the older django-airbrake wasn't working with the newer API and Pytoad didn't have any Django sugar.


In your file you're going to want to create a dictionary called AIRBRAKE. This dictionary will allow you to control how the Airbrake integration will work with your application.

    'API_KEY': 'your_api_key_here',
    'USE_SSL': True,
    'TIMEOUT': 5,
    'ENVIRONMENT': 'unique_name_for_environment',

Once you've setup your Airbrake settings you just need to add airbrake to your INSTALLED_APPS and restart your server. If your code is as poorly written as mine, the errors will start flowing into Airbrake shortly.

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