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Sys2Syz is a tool which automates the conversion of syscalls and other Ioctl calls to syzkaller's representation. This tool was created with a motive of increasing the syscall coverage for leveling up the support of syzkaller for NetBSD. Currently, the tool only supports grammar generation for NetBSD (in future we plan to extend support for Linux).

Table of Contents

1. Reports

Below are the reports on the tool - written as a part of Google Summer of Code - 2020

2. Working

Work flow of the tool -

Sys2syz design

The tool supports generation of syzkaller descriptions for NetBSD device driver's ioctl calls. Following steps are involved:

  • Extraction of all ioctl commands of a given device driver along with their arguments from the header files. Ioctl commands in NetBSD can be identified with the help of some specific macros(_IO, _IOR, _IOW, _IOWR) - (core/
  • Preprocessing of the device driver's files using compile_commands.json generated during the setup of tool using Bear - (core/
  • XML files are generated by running c2xml on preprocessed device files. This eases the process of fetching the information related to arguments of commands - (core/
  • Generates descriptions for the ioctl commands and their arguments (builtin-types, arrays, pointers, structures and unions) using the XML files - (core/
  • Captures the filename for the file which defines the target syscall (uses ctags) - (core/

3. Installation

Here are the installation instructions for Sys2syz


  • Python 3.6+
  • Linux
  • pip

3.1. Dependencies

This tool is written in python3

3.2. Build on Linux

  • Clone the repo
git clone
cd sys2syz
  • Run the setup script

Initial setup to install the dependencies

./ -s

Note: For this step its mandatory to have the operating system toolchain.

  • make clean the kernel source directory before this step if you have previously built the kernel.
./ -b <operating_system> <path_to_kernel_src>

4. Usage

  • Run the tool
python3 -h

To generate descriptions for ioctls of a device driver/syscall run

python3 -i <syscall/ioctl> -t <absolute_path_to_device_driver_source/name_of_syscall> -c compile_commands.json -v -o <target_operating_system>

This would generate a dev_<device_driver>.txt file in the out/<target_operating_system> directory in case of ioctls and for syscalls it prints the generated descriptions on stdout.

5. Example

Running for NetBSD i2c device driver


python3 -i ioctl -t ~/NetBSD/src/sys/dev/i2c -c compile_commands_dir/compile_commands_netbsd.json -v -o netbsd

Output file dev_i2c.txt in out/netbsd:

# Copyright 2018 syzkaller project authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by Apache 2 LICENSE that can be found in the LICENSE file.
# Autogenerated by sys2syz

include <dev/i2c/i2c_io.h>

resource fd_i2c[fd]

openat$i2c(fd const[AT_FDCWD], file ptr[in, string["/dev/i2c"]], flags flags[open_flags], mode const[0]) fd_i2c

ioctl$I2C_IOCTL_EXEC(fd fd_i2c, cmd const[I2C_IOCTL_EXEC], arg ptr[in, i2c_ioctl_exec])

i2c_ioctl_exec {
iie_op	flags[i2c_op_t_flags, int8]
iie_addr	int16
iie_cmd	buffer[in]
iie_cmdlen	len[iie_cmd, intptr]
iie_buf	buffer[in]
iie_buflen	len[iie_buf, intptr]

Running for NetBSD syscall 'compat_50_sys___lstat30'(syscall name: compat_50___lstat30):


python3 -i syscall -t compat_50_sys___lstat30 -c compile_commands_dir/compile_commands_netbsd.json -v -o netbsd


compat_50_sys___lstat30(path buffer[in], ub ptr[out, stat30]) 

stat30 {
        st_dev  int32
        st_mode int32
        st_ino  intptr
        st_nlink        int32
        st_uid  int32
        st_gid  int32
        st_rdev int32
        st_atim timespec50
        st_mtim timespec50
        st_ctim timespec50
        st_birthtim     timespec50
        st_size intptr
        st_blocks       intptr
        st_blksize      int32
        st_flags        int32
        st_gen  int32
        st_spare        array[int32, 2]

timespec50 {
        tv_sec  int32
        tv_nsec intptr

6. Features

  • Supports extraction of ioctl commands and their arguments from device drivers.
  • Supports generation of descriptions for the ioctl commands and their arguments (builtin-types, arrays, pointers, structures and unions).
  • Supports generation of descriptions for syscalls and their arguments (builtin-types, arrays, pointers, structures and unions).
  • Generation of descriptions for functions, passed as arguments to the ioctl commands and syscalls.
  • Suppoorts detection of flag values for the ioctl commands and syscalls.


Features yet to be implemented:

  • Support for Linux
  • Support for FreeBSD
  • Calculating Attributes for structs and unions

This tool is developed by Ayushi Sharma


Automate generation of syzkaller's grammar







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