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Awesome Git Hooks

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A curated list of awesome Git hooks


Git Hooks are scripts that run automatically every time a particular event occurs in a Git repository.


Useful Git Hooks scripts

  • pre-commit - This hook is called before obtaining the proposed commit message.
  • prepare-commit-msg - Called after receiving the default commit message, just prior to firing up the commit message editor.
  • pre-receive - This is called on the remote repo just before updating the pushed refs.
  • commit-msg - Can be used to adjust the message after it has been edited in order to ensure conformity to a standard or to reject based on any criteria.
  • pre-push - Called prior to a push to a remote. In addition to the parameters, additional information, separated by a space is passed in through stdin in the form of .
  • pre-auto-gc - Is used to do some checks before automatically cleaning repos.
  • pre-rebase - Called when rebasing a branch. Mainly used to halt the rebase if it is not desirable.
  • applypatch-msg - Can edit the commit message file and is often used to verify or actively format a patch's message to a project's standards.
  • post-receive - This is run on the remote when pushing after the all refs have been updated. It does not take parameters, but receives info through stdin in the form of .
  • post-rewrite - This is called when git commands are rewriting already committed data.

Soon πŸ™ˆ

  • pre-applypatch - This is actually called after the patch is applied, but before the changes are committed.
  • post-applypatch - This hook is run after the patch is applied and committed.
  • post-commit - Called after the actual commit is made. Because of this, it cannot disrupt the commit.
  • post-checkout - Run when a checkout is called after updating the worktree or after git clone.
  • post-merge - Called after a merge. Because of this, it cannot abort a merge.
  • update - This is run on the remote repo once for each ref being pushed instead of once for each push.
  • post-update - This is run only once after all of the refs have been pushed.


  • Husky - 🐢 Git hooks made easy
  • Komondor - 🐩 Git Hooks for Swift projects
  • Quickhook - Faster Git hook (pre-commit, etc.) runner
  • git-hooks - A tool to manage project, user, and global Git hooks
  • overcommit - A fully configurable and extendable Git hook manager



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