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Git hooks made easy

Husky can prevent bad git commit, git push and more 🐶 woof!

You're viewing the documentation for the next version of husky, click here if you prefer to view docs for the stable version (v0.14.3)


npm install husky@next --save-dev
// package.json
  "husky": {
    "hooks": {
      "pre-commit": "npm test",
      "pre-push": "npm test",
      "...": "..."
git commit -m 'Keep calm and commit'

Check documentation for more.


npm uninstall husky

Upgrading from 0.14

If you're upgrading from 0.14, simply move your hooks to husky.hooks:

  "scripts": {
-   "precommit": "npm test"
+ "husky": {
+   "hooks": {
+     "pre-commit": "npm test"
+   }
+ }

Or run the following command which will do the same automatically for you ;)


Alternatively, you can also use any of the files/formats that are supported by cosmiconfig. This means that you can place your husky hooks config in a .huskyrc file or export them from a husky.config.js file as well. Cosmiconfig supports js, json, and yaml file formats.


  • Keeps existing user hooks
  • Supports GUI Git clients
  • Supports all Git hooks (pre-commit, pre-push, ...)

Used by

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