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Working REST API examples for Ansible, Python, Bash and Postman
Python Shell
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REST API cheat sheats

This repo is crated as a source for the REST API blogpost series on the It intends to cover the interaction with the various applications via REST API. The primary focus is the network automation and programmability, as all the recent topics on the were built around REST API.

Implemented requests

  • GET
  • POST

Covered tools

  • Ansible (2.8)
  • Bash (4.2)
  • Postman (1.18)
  • Python (3.7)

It might be that provided scripts are working in other versions, but it was not tested and therefore not guaranteed. In general all the information is provided on the AS-IS basis.

Python considerations

Python 3.7 version was used, and all the tests were performed in the virtual environment (venv). To get it running perform:

  • python3.7 -m venv vev in the folder with the scripts to create the virtual environment.
  • source venv/bin/active to enter the virtual environment context.
  • pip install --upgrade pip to update the pip to the latest version.
  • pip install -r requirements.txt to install the used (or potentially used in the near future) Python libraries.

Execution (e.g. the simplest GET request):

  1. For Ansible playbooks: ansible-playbook rest_get.yml -i ansible_hosts.yml
  2. For Bash: ./
  3. For Postman: import proper Postman collection and use it.
  4. For Python: python from the virtual environment context. For further details read the official articles at

Related projects

The REST API with Ansbile was extensivly used in the two my big projects:

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