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#How to use

Clone this repo and then in command line type:

  • npm install or yarn - install all dependencies
  • gulp - run dev-server and let magic happen, or
  • gulp build - build project from sources


List of Gulp tasks

To run separate task type in command line gulp [task_name]. Almost all tasks also have watch mode - gulp [task_name]:watch, but you don't need to use it directly.

Main tasks

Task name Description
default will start all tasks required by project in dev mode: initial build, watch files, run server with livereload
build:dev build dev version of project (without code optimizations)
build build production-ready project (with code optimizations)

Other tasks

Task name Description
sass compile .sass/.scss to .css. We also use postcss for autoprefixer and Lost, so feel free to include other awesome postcss plugins when needed
webpack compile .js sources into bundle file
copy copy common files from ./src path to ./dist path
swig compile swig templates
nunjucks compile Mozilla's awesome nunjucks templates
jade compile jade templates
svgo optimize svg files with svgo
iconfont compile iconfonts from svg sources
prettier compile iconfonts from svg sources
sprite:svg create svg symbol sprites (css-tricks)
sprite:png create png sprites
server run dev-server powered by BrowserSync
clean remove ./dist folder
list-pages create index file with links to all project pages

This is a full list of tasks, that we use in our projects, but not all of them should be available in current project. For example, we only use one template engine out of these three [jade, nunjucks, swig]. All available tasks are placed in a folder ./gulp/tasks as separate *.js files. Usually, file name = task name.


We have several useful flags.

  • gulp --open or gulp server --open - run dev server and then open preview in browser
  • gulp --tunnel=[name] or gulp server --tunnel [name] - runs dev server and allows you to easily share a web service on your local development machine (powered by Your local site will be available at [name]
  • gulp [task_name] --prod or gulp [task_name] --production - run task in production mode. Some of the tasks (like, sass or js compilation) have additional settings for production mode (such as code minification), so with this flag you can force production mode. gulp build uses this mode by default.

##Other You can also use npm scripts:

  • npm run start - same as gulp default.
  • npm run build - same as gulp build.
  • npm run ghpages to push only ./dist folder to gh-pages branch on github (very useful for previews).


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