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Welcome to the AMSAT® CubeSatSim Simulator Project Wiki

The CubeSat Simulator is a low cost satellite emulator that run on solar panels and batteries, transmits UHF radio telemetry, has a 3D printed frame, and can be extended by additional sensors and modules. This project is sponsored by the not-for-profit Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation, AMSAT®.

Here you will find documentation about this project and detailed install instructions.

CubeSat Simulator 1U Frame

If you don't have the time or money to build a CubeSat Simulator that transmits real telemetry, you can build a CubeSat Simulator Lite!

Here are the four boards that make up the complete board stack. Left to right: custom solar panel board, Raspberry Pi Zero W, MoPower UPS V2, and Digital Transceiver board.

4 Boards of CubeSat Simulator

Here is the built board stack

CubeSat Simulator Board Stack

The build has two main parts. First, a Three Board Stack of the off-the-shelf boards (Raspberry Pi Zero W CPU, MoPower UPS V2, and Digital Transceiver) and software install. This is pictured here:

Three Board Stack

Second, building the custom Solar Power Board, pictured here:

Solar Power Board vB2 Built

Third, there is a 3D printed frame, including solar panels:

Solar Power Board vB2 Built

Parts List to build the Three Board stack for the CubeSat Simulator.

Instructions to build the Three Board Stack.

Software Install Instructions to build and install the software for the CubeSat Simulator Three Board Stack.

Instructions to Build the Solar Power Board.

Instructions for Testing and Using the Solar Power Board.

You will need to 3D Print a Frame and setup a Ground Station.

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