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@emilengler emilengler released this Dec 31, 2019 · 33 commits to master since this release

Podcast Generator 3.0 is now available from:
This a new major release, the code has been re-written from scratch entirely. This version is compatible with Podcast Generator 2.7 except themes. You need to be on Podcast Generator 2.7 before updating to 3.0

Notes on this release

This release does not have that many new features. The purpose of this version was to modernize PG as the old versions carried code from 2006. Since then lots of stuff has changed and an update was just needed.

How to upgrade

Be sure to make a backup before updating!

  1. Download the release
  2. Extract the ZIP-Arhive
  3. Enter the directory (There are lots of meta files (license stuff for example, PodcastGenerator/ is what you are looking for))
  4. Upload the PodcastGenerator folder, or it's content to your desired location on your web server.
  5. If necessary, adjust permissions by chmod -R 775 PodcastGenerator/ (if you don't know what file permissions and have no access to a shell you can ignore this step)
  6. Point your web browser to your website where Podcast Generator is installed.
  7. You will get prompted by an assistant which asks you to enter your password
  8. There you go, enjoy the new version of Podcast Generator.


Podcast Generator 3 was developed with PHP 7.3.11. In general all PHP 7+ versions should work. However it is unknown if it will work with PHP 5 but you shouldn't use PHP5 either as it has reached it's end of life and is just a potential security risk.
It was developed using PHP 7.3.11 on GNU/Linux Debian Buster using nginx. It should be independent of the OS and web server though. If you expect any problems, please report them at GitHub. We will try our best to publish a new version as fast as possible to fix this bug

Notable Changes

As this Version was made completely from scratch it isn't really possible to list all changes but we try our best:

  • New theme system
  • New default theme
  • New admin interface
  • New page hierarchy (no longer the ?p=pagename stuff)
  • New default cover
  • New logo
  • New iTunes Categories
  • Buttons system
  • Remove date format
  • Remove social network functionality (and tracking stuff)
  • Remove hints

In fact these changes look really poor for a major version but if you try out the release, you will notice lots of changes but an ease of use.

Known issues


  • Two strings are untranslated and therefore just english
  • The french translation gets removed when you upgrade from 2.7 to 3.0. If you want french translation, change scriptlang in config.php to fr_FR and download these two files to components/locale/fr_FR/LC_MESSAGES/ (create the directories if they don't exist)


Thanks to everyone who contributed code to this release:

  • Emil Engler
  • Sigmoria

As well as everyone who contributed feedback during the development:

  • Alberto Betella
  • Gorom
  • Brandon Wright
  • Jyoti Sharma
  • Alix
  • plothost
  • madsha
  • alancontino
  • Invictaz

Also thanks to everyone who helped translating Podcast Generator!

Finally thanks to James Heinrich and the getID3 Developers for this awesome library and thanks to the bootstrap authors for this great CSS/JS framework!

You guys are all awesome🚀

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